Daniel Johnson



I'm a software developer. At the moment, I'm interested in:

  • software architecture (microservices, design patterns)
  • language design (functional programming, concurrency)
  • front-end javascript (frameworks, UI design)
  • graphics rendering (WebGL)

In my free time, I like night hiking and drinking cappuccinos. Sometimes I try to write electronic music. I once wrote a short novel about space or something.

Me, standing on a bridge at Mount Rainier National Park


VennCafe March 2016

I worked on a dating web app, venncafe.com for my senior project at Cal Poly.

The application uses users’ calendar availability and their favorite cafes to automatically plan optimal dates.

Final Report on Cal Poly Digital Commons

Venncafe main screenshot

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djQueue January 2016

Manage a collaborative music queue from anyone’s phone web browser. Add songs from YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud and play them on one central casting device.

Uses Node.js, a WebSockets library, AngularJS, external APIs and a Chrome extension. Adapts each external API to a common interface so that it’s simple to add new streaming services.

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djQueue screenshot

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flood_fill June 2015

3d puzzle game that involves filling in voxel terrain with different fluids. Created with C++ using only OpenGL.

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WebGL Coffee Scene March 2015

Features cel shading, particles, textures, a post-processing distortion effect, FXAA for cross-browser anti-aliasing, hierarchical animations and a simple Boids crowd simulation.

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d41games August 2014

I used to enjoy video game development, and d41games.com is my old portfolio website where I used to post my games.

d41games screenshot

I made the website with Backbone.js and made the games in several game engines. I promise it was cool back then to attach that many things to the browser scroll event.